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Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statements

District Mission Statement

“The mission of the Castro Valley Unified School District, a public preschool through adult organization, is to provide all students programs of excellence that instill a passion for life long learning, while preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. The CVUSD will enhance student’s self esteem, help students discover and maximize their individual potential and will guide each to dignify, appreciate and respect human diversity.”

Proctor School Mission Statement

Our mission statement describes the beliefs and priorities of the entire school community:

Proctor Elementary School is dedicated to providing meaningful learning opportunities within a supportive, clean, and safe environment.

  • We recognize mastery of academic skills as a primary goal.
  • We strive to create and maintain an atmosphere that fosters the healthy emotional, intellectual, social, and physical growth of each student.
  • We value education as a process of opening our students’ minds to critical thought and creative activity.
  • We believe in the development of curriculum that encourages consideration for others, appreciation for diversity, compassion, empathy, responsibility, and self-discipline.
  • We provide a curriculum that adapts to all learning styles and unique abilities.
  • We incorporate the use of appropriate technologies to expand learning opportunities for students and increase their rate of success.
  • We foster an understanding of traditions and contemporary issues.
  • We emphasize that learning extends beyond the classroom walls and is a life-long experience.
  • We promote a partnership between home, school, and community.
  • We acknowledge that learning is enhanced in an environment of sharing, caring, laughing, questioning, risking, and growing.


Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement is a work in progress. You will receive an updated copy of the Vision Statement by the end of October.

Life Long Learners

  • Everyone shares in the responsibility for student success.
  • Each child is special and deserves our best effort to help them reach their full potential (academically, socially, emotionally, and physically).
  • Personal growth is fostered through character building curriculum, conflict resolution practices, positive role modeling, and high expectations.

Excellence in Education

  • Students meet the district and state grade level standards required for promotion through continual assess and adjust instructional strategies to make certain all
  • Through data analysis, student progress and achievement are evaluated.
  • Every parent/guardian in our school community is informed of our standards-based learning and assessment system, and the multiple measures plan determining promotion from one grade level to the next.

Powerful Learning Experiences

  • A highly qualified teaching staff is dedicated to ensuring that each student find daily success towards meeting his or her goals.
  • Effective instructional strategies
  • Students thinking and knowledge are extended through lessons differentiated in depth and complexity, and through independent, self-directed study requiring research skills and the construction of a final product.

Life Long Learners/Learning for the 20th Century

  • Proctor Elementary School models and exemplary learning environment that prepares every child for a successful future.
  • Students are self-motivated and excited about learning because Proctor’s staff makes learning a priority each and every day.
  • Teachers, staff and Proctor families model high expectations and lead by example. Positive and Safe School Environment
  • Proctor Elementary School supports student success through weekly and monthly awards programs.
  • Everyone is treated with kindness and respect.
  • A strong sense of community is evident as teachers, support staff, and parents collaborate daily.
  • Clear, concise, and timely communication is used to maximize efficiency, including the use of technology.
  • Extracurricular activities and materials stress inclusion and are reflective of the diversity within our world: gender, race, religion, culture, and exceptional needs.
  • Well maintained campus is a collaborative effort between school staff, students, and the entire school community.

Highly Qualified Staff

  • Our highly qualified teaching staff is dedicated to ensuring that each student find daily success towards meeting his or her goals.
  • Staff participates in regular professional development activities to continually update and refine their knowledge of current instructional strategies and practices.