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After School Programs

After School Programs offered through PlayCV
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Public Speaking and Debate

For Grade 3, 4, 5

In this class you'll learn how to express yourself clearly, participate more, and thus become happier! This class is filled with fun activities like tongue-twister challenges, story telling, and more! In the debate section, students learn to present arguments with reasoning and evidence, teaching them critical thinking, research and listening skills. Both shy and talkative students will benefit from this class! Class instructed by Gurus Education.

Medi Kids

For Grade 3, 4, 5 


In this class children will be inspired to learn about their bodies and the importance of healthy habits like personal hygiene and nutrition! This class will allow students to learn how to check their pulse, count bones with X-rays, compare nutrition labels, make healthy recipes for snacks and much more! Class instructed by Guru Education.

Be Inspired by the Masters

 For Grade 1 to 5

In this fun class students will be inspired by all kinds of artists and media. They will explore artists like Kandinsky, Frida Kahlo, Britto and many, many more. We use paints (tempura, water color), oil pastels, colored pencils and more. We will learn about the elements and principles of art.  Students will create their own masterpieces.


Comic Book Art

For Grade 1 to 5
Students will learn how to make a comic book from cover to cover.  Through a series of tasks they will create a short story with a beginning, middle and an end. Each student will explore developing characters, designing layouts and illustrations to tell their story. They will become stronger storytellers and gain confidence in their ability to be creative.


For Grade 3, 4,5
Does your kid like to be the first to know what's happening? We're calling all budding writers, illustrators, and photographers to the Play CV Newsroom! Over 10 weeks we'll build on the skills, critical thinking, and craft of reporting on what's around us. We'll learn about what news looks like through a reporter's eyes, write articles about what's important from the kid's perspective, and talk about how critical thinking and the inclusion of multiple perspectives is important to how news is created for the community. At the end of 10 weeks, you'll have an entirely kid-created and designed newspaper.

Short Filmmaking

For Grade 3, 4, 5
CUT!  Introduction to Short Film creation is a fun course designed to help kids discover the joys of short film.  Over 10 weeks your child will learn the steps in making a short film from writing a story line to the shot needed for the scene.  This course introduces the basics and gives them some hands-on experience.  Emphasis is placed on improving visual awareness and producing artistically engaging content.